Teresa Peterson
Teresa Peterson

Born into a creative family of artists in many forms from music, tradtional art, carpentry. Started drawing to painting as a chld to adult. My love for animals and wildlife brought out my talent to paint them. My career didn’t take off as an artist but merely a hobby. Now I’m taking the time to put my creations in another platform of designing apparel. Every piece of apparel selling on this sight is designed by me, through my own creations, patterns, and color selection. I like to provide a wide variety and selection unique to my own quality that buyers will be delighted to wear or share.

Can you ask for your own design?

Of course. If you see a product you would like to change a pattern or color, just fill out a contact form…adding the product to which you would like to personalize, and I will get back to you. some products have the quick option for personalizing.

Do all products ship together in one order?

All products are shipped from five different facilities and depending on the products, they may be shipped individually’

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to North American countries…United States and Canada.

What is the estimated time for delivery?

Every product is printed at a facility then shipped, production can take a couple days. Depending on which product and where you live we can only estimate within 10 – 30 days.

Do you have order tracking?

Yes, for most orders with standard shipping you will receive a tracking number and link once your order has shipped.



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