Designing and printing



Sublimination Printing;

With sublimination printing designs are transferred onto products such as fabrics and materials using ink and heat. first the design template is made and printed onto paper and then transferred through heat which turns the ink into gas and sinks into the fabric permanently. these printing techniques mainly work with polyester material. Once the fabric is printed, it is then sewn together to form the end product.


Direct-to-garment printing using inkjet technology tyically used for printing smaller areas such as t-shirts and small sections on pants. when you buy a custom t-shirt it will already have a color, made, and with an inkjet printer you can customize a design on the t-shirt.

Direct transfer printing;

Used in printing mugs through mesh screens directly onto the mug. Some may use dye sublimination using heat and ink to transfer the image.


DTG Sublimination Transfer
Mug Printer
Printed Canvas